Liquid Black Soap: Baby Powder - 12 oz.

This Liquid Black Soap: Baby Powder combines the softness of baby powder with the benefits of black soap. Baby Powder is a classic fragrance that is always in style. The sweet, mild scent of baby power, combined with its soft and silky feel ensure that it will always be popular. In fact, it is consistently one of our top twelve selling fragrances. The mild, feminine scent makes baby powder perfect for a gentle liquid soap that will pamper your skin. Black soap is all natural. It is full of antioxidants that protect skin from free radicals that damage your skin and age it. It evens out and fades age spots and skin discoloration. Black soap cleans and gently exfoliates. It combats acne and gives you clearer skin. Black soap has always been prized in Africa for its healing properties. It cleans and hydrates hair and leaves it shiny and more manageable. Get the sweet scent of baby powder and all the benefits of black soap today! Proudly made in the USA.